After a four year absence, Fall Crawl is going back to the Cove in Gore, VA to celebrate it’s 16th year!
The Cove has an extensive network of trails for all skill levels accessed right from the large group camp.

Event Details:
• Location: The Cove Campground 980 Cove Road Gore, VA 22637; Camp 6
• Date: 25, 26 & 27 October with early arrival available the afternoon of 24 October
• Registration: $40 (includes event T-shirt, 4 event stickers and entry into the driver prize drawing)
+ Registration will be limited to 80 drivers/wheeling rigs
+ This is an Open TLCA event so all Toyota 4×4’s are welcome

Registration link is at the bottom of this page

• Camping and Land use: All camping and land use (wheeling) fees will be paid directly to the Cove
+ Camping & land use event fee: $90 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday wheeling and camping Friday and Saturday nights (there is no prorating)
+ Thursday night camping fee: $20
• Example: 1 person arriving Thursday and camping a wheeling through Sunday:
+ $40 Event registration
+ $20 Thursday overnight
+ $90 Friday & Saturday camping and land use:
= $150 Thurs evening through Sunday
• To stay up on the latest event information subscribe the Official 2019 Fall Crawl information thread.

No alcohol permitted on the trail.
The trail leader is responsible for the conduct of the trail ride and his/her decisions are final. Trail leaders can disqualify any vehicle due to lack of ability to complete the trail.
Vehicle technical inspections will be conducted for required safety and trail equipment. Drive responsibly to protect the environment and only where motorized vehicles are permitted. All participants must abide by The Cove Campground’s rules and regulations.
Make sure you always maintain visual contact with the vehicles around you on trail rides. Stop and wait for the vehicle behind you if you lose sight.
Have your own liability insurance. The CLCC, BBRC or TLCA are not responsible for accidents, damage, or injury to persons or vehicles. All drivers must be legally licensed and are responsible for the occupants of that vehicle.
Each vehicle must have comply with TLCA safety requirements listed below. A more expansive list of items to consider can be found in the SAFETY section of the TLCA SOP. A CB or UHF/GMRS radio, tools, hi-lift jack, winch and spare parts are recommended.

Minimum Vehicle Requirements
Mandatory/Minimum safety equipment required for a TLCA Sponsored Off Highway event. All equipment must be in good working order:

  1. Any open vehicle must have a roll bar firmly attached to the floor; a roll bar is recommended for all vehicles
  2. Seat belts for all persons; must be usable
  3. First aid kit
  4. Fire extinguisher, must show full charge and/or have the seal intact
  5. Battery tie down so that it will not come loose in the event of a roll over
  6. Tow or recovery strap with loop ends (no hooks), chains don’t meet this requirement
  7. Antennas longer than 60 inches must be secured in two or more places in a manner that prevents injury or damage to occupants,  bystanders, vehicles or nearby structures
  8. Jack, lug wrench, and a spare tire. All tires, including the spare tire must have 3/32″ minimum of tread. Event host shall decide if spare must be carried on the vehicle.
  9. Operable brake lights
  10. A functioning braking system to include a parking brake or line lock device.
  11. Each vehicle must demonstrate its braking system works.
  12. Proof of liability insurance.

Event schedule

Thursday October 24th
5:00 – 7:00 pm Check-in/technical inspection

Friday October 25th
8:00 – 10:00 am Late check-in and technical inspection
4:30- whenever Happy Hour

Saturday, October 26th
4:30-7:30 PM No Host Happy Hour and Driver prize drawing

Sunday, October 27st
Pack up, head home, and plan for next year’s Fall Crawl


Questions or Comments?

Use the comment section below or email (email will probably get the quickest response)